AutomateWoo v3.4.2 - Marketing Automation for WooCommerce

AutomateWoo v3.4.2 – Marketing Automation for WooCommerce
Powerful marketing automation for your WooCommerce store. Convert and retain customers with automated marketing that does the hard work for you. AutomateWoo has the tools you need to grow your store and make more money.


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Changelog December 11, 2017
Fix – Multisite background processor issue December 8, 2017
Fix – Potential for order status changes to be missed when multiple changes happened in a short space of time
3.4.2 December 5, 2017
New – Add rule customer.state
Fix – Object cache issue, affecting carts
Various other minor improvements
3.4.1 November 23, 2017
New – Add rule Order Line Count
Fix – Issue with object cache invalidation, this could cause customer data to be lost on some workflow logs
3.4.0 November 21, 2017
New – Add support for MailChimp Groups with new actions Add Contact To Group and Remove Contact From Group
New – Add support for cart fees
New – Add internal event system to improve stability of asynchronous workflows
Tweak – When an email is clicked also record as an ‘open’
Tweak – In emails replace and HTML tags with CSS to support Outlook
Tweak – The wc_enqueue_js() function is now used for inline javascript
Fix – Issue where cron jobs could sometimes be incorrectly locked
Fix – Session tracking issue with cookies found on some servers
Fix – Rare issue where background processor stop
3.3.2 November 7, 2017
New – Add option to include pending and failed orders in abandoned cart triggers
Performance – Optimize cart tracking, particularly important for WC 3.2
Performance – Optimize various queries
Tweak – Add first and last name fields to the MailChimp subscribe action
Fix – Issue when using WPML, the shop.products variable would sometimes not be language filtered
Fix – Issue when using WPML, MailChimp for WordPress trigger not working for languages other than the site default